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Las reliquias traen nuevos equipamientos a Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure

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Find out all about the expansion's new equipment slot .



  • What about the rune on slot 6?
    • Box 6 will be another stat bonus. Some runes already have a stat bonus, and those without will have one added.
  • Can I equip 5 runes and one from another set?
    • Yes, just like now, but this will change the 6 bonus slots from one rune set to the 1 bonus slot from another.
  • Will the available relics cover all the special effects of each set of 6 runes?
    • Not all existing 6-slot rune bonuses will be available at launch. We will continue to add additional relics from the main game over time as part of our efforts to improve the features of the game
  • Could you please explain the note about choosing three relics from the main game?
    • When we say that you will be able to choose three relics, we mean that you will actually be able to choose a total of three relics from all the main game relics available. (The exact amount is subject to change, but that's our plan for now.)
  • There are runes that have the same stat bonus up to 5 runes and the 6th rune would be different; for example, the runes of fireworks and the runes of charge. Bundle runes now grant +125 stat accuracy for the sixth rune. But the other two only have the special ability and don't grant the stat bonus, or does the 25% movement speed increase count as a stat increase?
    • In cases like these, we'll make sure runes that have duplicate bonuses from 1-5 have 6 unique stat slots. In this example, 25% movement speed will count as a stat boost and will be seen on a 6 piece rune.
  • Will some runes be removed due to being duplicates or something else?
    • No. All existing rune sets will have unique stat combinations and none will be removed.
  • What will happen to rune sets that have special abilities on rune 2 and rune 4?
    • Unique bonus slots 2 and 4 will be converted to stats only. (Increases to boons and condition duration are not considered unique and will not be removed from runes.)
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